Fortis Garments Ltd. was build in 2010 in Gazipur/Dhaka and is located just a few car minutes away from Liz Fashion. The area with about 1100sqm has a modern factory building with approx. 600.000pcs per month output. Beside the production lines Fortis has a packing unit, cutting section, finishing and quality control. We provide a canteen and a medical station for our workers.

Production in Fortis is specialized in functional and technical sportswear such as Base/Mid Layer, T-Shirts/Tops, Functional Polos, Woven Stretch Pants, Woven Shorts, Polar Fleece und Softshells. Fortis has also very good experience in producing fashion and casual garments (Enzym Washed T-Shirts, Polos, Sweatshirts).