Liz Fashion Industry Ltd. was build in 1997 and is producing sportswear and underwear, exporting mainly to USA, Europe, Australia and China. Liz Fashion is a progressive organization, continuously looking for new ways to improve itself in order to become a leading manufacturer in the very competitive apparel industry. Liz Fashion began its humble operations with 10 sewing lines in its first facility in Dhaka’s Badda district. In 2006 Liz Fashion’s production site moved to the Gazipur area where an integrated facility was constructed composed of knitting, printing and apparel manufacturing. By 2008 the facility had a total capacity of 46 sewing lines.

Liz has currently 36 circular knitting machines, own printing unit (screen and flatbed), cutting, sewing, embroidery and packing facilities as well as offset printing for display boxes and card labels. We have a production capacity of more than 80 sewing lines manned by a robust workforce of 2500 well trained and skilled sewing operators. As a result of our integrated facilities and our strong labor force, we are always able to meet our clients’ requirements in terms of delivery time and price.